Visual Production Artist/Designer

My time with Udemy was amazing. I easily created over a thousand assets for their onsite, email, mobile, social media, affiliates, paid acquisition and YouTube channels. The role I was mainly tasked with was that of a senior level Mechanical / Production Artist. I made sure all assets were on brand and pixel perfect. Resizing deliverables, image compositing, photo retouching and localizing languages was just some of my daily work load. The other projects I was pulled into came from the design team's overflow. I was tasked with creating on brand design assets, where I flexed my design chops. I suppose, you can say I played multiple roles which allowed me to showcase my flexibility and a volunteer spirit. One project I was particularly proud to spearhead and design was the production guideline document. This intuitive and now a Udemy standard, detailed how the deliverables for each channel should be laid out. It included (but not limited to) everything from typographical styles, overall pixel / artboard dimensions to optimal compression standards for digital output. I believe the most important aspect of my time with Udemy is that I left a positive and lasting impact with the company and made great friends and connections.