The W2O Group

Visual Production Designer

As Visual Production Designer with The W2O Group my creative skills and experience grew by leaps and bounds. On a day-to-day basis I'd be deeply involved with multiple aspects, of often more than one (at a time) key projects. I could be dealing with production details, like a brochure layout one day and the next, I would print and comp up packaging assets, or, even be tasked with creating wire-frames for a website using the bootstrap system / grid. Throughout multiple preliminary stages and meetings, I gained knowledge in strategic positioning, branding, and designing campaigns. I was also the lead Visual Designer on many PowerPoint presentation deliverables, including the creation & design of branded template PowerPoint assets, which I would format with custom fonts, graphic elements, and custom, corporate colors to reflect the client. I would also make certain that the template would be intuitively easy to use by the client. This barely scratches the surfaces of my work with The W2O Group, please don't hesitate to contact me to further discuss projects and skills.